Yazar: Op. Dr. Ayşe Övül Erdoğan

She was born in 06 October 1982 in Gaziantep. After completing her primary and secondary education in private primary school of Gaziantep College Foundation, she completed her high school education in Gaziantep Anatolian High School. In 2000, she started her university education in Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty of Istanbul University. In 2007, she continued her career as a research assistant in the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Faculty of Medicine, Trakya University. During her assistantship period, she received training on knee and hip prosthesis surgery, hip ultrasound and pediatric hip diseases at Stolzalpe Orthopedics Hospital in Austria. After becoming an expert, she completed her compulsory service in Istanbul Beşiktaş Sait Çiftçi State Hospital between 2014-2016 and started to work with Prof. Dr. Fahri Erdoğan.

Symptoms of Hip Calcification

Ekim 12, 2018
Hip calcification occurs due to thinning of the joint structure, weakening of the bones due to insufficient or unbalanced nutrition, and smoking and alcohol consumption. In addition, a sedentary life,...

Bone Diseases

Ağustos 15, 2018
Bone diseases that are likely to occur in all the bones in our body cause the bones to become weaker and weaker over time. The most dangerous of these bone...

Symptoms of Meniscus Tear

Ağustos 8, 2018
Meniscus tear is a disorder that can be seen in every age group for different reasons. In young patients, meniscus tear is usually seen as a result of trauma or...

What is Arthroscopy?

Temmuz 3, 2018
Arthroscopy can be defined as a means to visualize the inside of the joints and to treat the injuries or diseases in the joints. Arthroscopy is generally used in knee...
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